E-mail us what you like best about Victory in Christ International in Jupiter, FL

“I thank God that I discovered such a wonderful church family! I've bounced around to many churches in my life and I am inspired by the sermons mostly because they come straight from the Word of God. The things I've realized seem so simple, yet powerful enough to impact me and my family forever. I'm glad to be part of our church body.”

“We have all been to churches where you go in, sit down, sing a song, and leave without connecting to another human being. Sometimes it is a very empty experience and you leave those churches feeling more alone and lost than before you arrived. It’s just plain NOT like that at Victory in Christ. We socialize, network, and pray for one another after enjoying uplifting music and a wonderful sermon. Pastor Jim’s talks are enlightening and focused. I love being a part of Victory in Christ and you will too!”

“Since we have attended Victory in Christ, we are more prosperous, healthy, and most of all we have realized a real sense of purpose. We know what God wants for us. We’ve learned how important corporate worship is and how everyone needs to get involved.”

“If you want to be plugged into God’s Holy Spirit, attend Victory in Christ International. It will absolutely transform your life. I thank the Father God and His son, Jesus, for the wisdom and revelation that have been revealed through the teachings at Victory in Christ. We have unmistakably been physically, spiritually, and financially blessed beyond our wildest dreams.”

“Victory in Christ has saved our marriage! The small group and dialogue with other couples helped reinvigorate our marriage and helped us realize that we weren’t as far apart as we thought.”

“Since attending Victory in Christ, I learned that there is a huge difference between “religion” and “relationship”. I learned the difference between a “happy life” and a “joyful life”. Happiness comes and goes but when the Holy Spirit is invited to live in your heart and soul, only then do you understand what a “joyful life” is. Joy NEVER leaves you! Victory in Christ International, under the teaching of Pastor Jim Collins, encourages me to share the Word and God's promise of divine healing.”

“I have recently been attending Victory in Christ International. Pastor Jim Collins was anointed and obedient to God’s calling when he asked to pray over me for my back injury of which he had no previous knowledge. Praise God, within three hours, my back was healed and has since never given me a problem again.”



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