Sermon Title Length Listen Online
Purpose Q & A 29:42 Listen
The Hundredfold Return 23:46 Listen
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 21:05 Listen
In My Name Because I Go To The Father 30:48 Listen
Every Day should be Thanksgiving Day 19:20 Listen
The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven 29:30 Listen
Hearing the Voice of Jesus 26:12 Listen
4 Levels of Supernatural Revelation 26:04 Listen
Christ in You the Hope of Glory 22:16 Listen
Abiding in Christ 32:01 Listen
Activating the Strength & Power within You 31:33 Listen
Loved vs. Fixed 24:42 Listen
The Hurricane Irma Sermon 24:06 Listen
The Hurricane Harvey Sermon 29:18 Listen
Removing Self-Limiting Beliefs to Financial Prosperity 37:02 Listen
What about Financial Prosperity 29:19 Listen
The Attitude of Sharing the Gospel 29:40 Listen
One Page Gospel Script (Sharing the Gospel) 1 Page PDF Download
Sharing the Gospel: You are Forgiven & Made Righteous 23:38 Listen
The Role of the Holy Spirit in being Born Again 19:46 Listen
The Next Great Awakening 28:10 Listen
The 7 Principles of our Judeo-Christian Heritage 37:27 Listen
Jesus Performed and You Get the Reward 43:55 Listen
The Simplicity We Have in Christ 25:48 Listen
John Berry: Your Past is Past 34:15 Listen
Exodus 15:26 Healing 29:18 Listen
Experience Your Healing 38:55 Listen
He Sent His Word and Healed Them 39:45 Listen
What about Physical Healing 36:58 Listen
Because of our Sins and For our Righteousness 44:50 Listen
Proof of Jesus as Messiah 47:32 Listen
Jesus: The First Person Ever Born Again 22:10 Listen
The Holy Spirit: Your Help and Power 21:15 Listen
You Have the Power to Influence 40:30 Listen
The Resiliency of the Human Race 40:34 Listen
Rick Kendall: Your Gift Will Make Room for You 14:00 Listen
Peace in Jesus Peace of Jesus 34:40 Listen
Peace through Forgiveness 45:48 Listen
Experiencing God's Peace 32:22 Listen
Manifesting God's Secret 32:12 Listen
You're Part of the Invasion! 23:46 Listen
O Little Town of Bethlehem 32:52 Listen
Don Jacobs: Growing in Christ with Thanksgiving 42:32 Listen
Let's Talk About Governments 26:05 Listen
Who's Responsible for the Poor? 28:35 Listen
The Solution is Faith Righteousness 30:44 Listen
Jesus Punished, Anger Satisfied 33:03 Listen
Knowing Believing Experiencing 39:25 Listen
Life Light Love 36:40 Listen
Righteousness Exalts a Nation - Part 2 37:27 Listen
Righteousness Exalts a Nation - Part 1 29:18 Listen
Don Jacobs: Put Off Put On 47:27 Listen
The Solution for America Today 41:10 Listen
Don Jacobs: Principles of Good Government 37:50 Listen
The Holy Spirit and Righteousness 31:15 Listen
Faith, Hope, Love, and Apologetics 33:58 Listen
More of Heaven and Some Final Truths (Revelation 22) 34:16 Listen
Heaven Comes to Earth (Revelation 21) 36:18 Listen
Don Jacobs: Dealing with Fear 47:58 Listen
The Millennial Reign of Christ (Revelation 20) 36:43 Listen
Don Jacobs: Holy Communion 43:48 Listen
The Second Coming of Jesus Christ (Revelation 19) 38:35 Listen
The Fall of Babylon the Great (Revelation 18) 33:22 Listen
The Great Harlot and the Scarlet Beast (Revelation 17) 32:15 Listen
The Seven Bowls of God's Judgment (Revelation 16) 32:25 Listen
A Prelude to the Seven Bowl Judgments (Revelation 15) 29:40 Listen
The Angels and Their Messages (Revelation 14) 31:30 Listen
The Beast and the False Prophet (Revelation 13) 36:20 Listen
The Woman, the Child, and the Dragon (Revelation 12) 36:24 Listen
The Spiritual Second Coming of Christ (Revelation 11 Part 2) 33:04 Listen
The Two Witnesses (Revelation 11 Part 1) 33:58 Listen
Don Jacobs: The Believer's Confession 51:48 Listen
The Mighty Angel and the Little Book (Revelation 10) 34:25 Listen
The Story of Hanukkah 25:50 Listen
The Second Woe in Revelation 9 31:30 Listen
The First Woe in Revelation 9 33:15 Listen
The First Four Trumpets (Revelation 8) 35:00 Listen
The Sixth Seal and Revelation 7 30:39 Listen
The Scroll is Opened (Revelation 6) 43:17 Listen
Jesus is God (Revelation 4 & 5) 42:50 Listen
7 Reasons for a Rapture of the Church 34:16 Listen
The Hidden Meaning of Revelation's 7 Churches 41:31 Listen
Bob Burg - Adversaries into Allies 35:31 Listen
The Power of the American Flag 38:32 Listen
This Love! 24:50 Listen
You're Righteous in Jesus 37:58 Listen
What Does it Mean to Believe in Your Heart? 28:32 Listen
Ed Elliott: The Greatest of These is Love 62:30 Listen
Worth and Value 31:16 Listen
John James: God of the Second Chance 58:35 Listen
Do You Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus? 28:47 Listen
7 Truths about Jesus 28:31 Listen
 Don Jacobs: Justified by Faith in Jesus Christ 42:20  Listen
 The Gospel Really Works 29:09  Listen
 Speaking in Tongues 29:30  Listen


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